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Out Now Worldwide


Author | Speaker | Advisor | NED| Entrepreneur

In her debut book, Ethel Kuuya presents a new standard. A new way of being for Africa. Leading Beyond Now presents five commitments that speak to the core of what is needed for Africa to thrive.

At its heart, this paradigm embodies the essential commitments required to kindle the continent's regeneration. Africa needs the purging of deeply ingrained behaviours and mindsets that have hitherto held the continent back. To lead beyond now is to make choices and affect transformation that bestride generations, and to redirect leaders' focus from personal legacies toward the noble mantle of stewardship. This book paints a vivid picture of a future where Africa flourishes. 

Ethel delivers riveting masterclasses, keynotes and interviews. Fearlessly she delves into the deeper issues that plague transformation - leadership behaviour.

As a respected opinion leader, Ethel provides insights and commentary on a wide variety of Africa focus issues with objectivity and forthrightness. 

The timely launch of her debut book Leading Beyond Now: Five Commitments for Africa to Thrive, has been met with enthusiasm across the continent and beyond. 

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